Episode 13, Part 6

EP 13 Part 6a.pngEP 13 Part 6b.png

This concludes Episode 13 (’Bunghoney’), thanks for joining us!

Dana Fluffy went off on her own and helped solve a case (sort of), Cat Mulder watched a ‘documentary’ about aliens with the Lone Gunmen (gunferrets?), and Walter Scratcher slept the entire time, so they all did just what they love doing.Tune in on Monday for a new Cat File(!)


Episode 13, Part 5

EP 13 Part 5a.pngEP 13 Part 5b.png

-Has Dana Fluffy defeated the monster, or is it lulling her into a false sense of security?
-Can Melissa now live without fear in her own home?
-Is Dana Fluffy violating the monster’s first amendment rights?
-What will Cat Mulder’s take be on this ‘case’?

Find out, next Monday!

Episode 12, Part 12

EP 12 Part 12a.pngEP 12 Part 12c

That wraps up Episode 12 ‘The Replicants’, thanks for joining us.

Walter Scratcher’s butt saved the day, and was rewarded, with the return of his ‘cat bed’, as well as the return of the agents owners. Hope you enjoyed the episode, and Cat-Files will return next week with a new story(!)

Episode 12, Part 10

EP 12 Part 10a.pngEP 12 Part 10b.png

Episode 12, Part 10

– Is the human looking to replace the Feline Bureau of Investigation agents?
– Will ‘Operation cuteness distraction’ succeed?
– Does Walter Scratcher know any more human phrases/expressions?

Find out, next week!

Episode 12, Part 8

EP 12 Part 8a.pngEP 12 Part 8b.png

Episode 12, Part 8
That’s right, Scratcher was dreaming about someone making it rain ham. Beautiful. But what plans do the Feline Bureau of Investigation agents have in store?
Find out, next Monday (May 1st)!