Episode 15 parts 3 + 4

EP 15 Part 3a.pngEP 15 Part 3b.pngEP 15 Part 4a.pngEP 15 Part 4b.pngEP 15 Part 4c.png

Here is the conclusion of Episode 15 ‘Unmoving’!

Another case solved by Agents Cat Mulder and Dana Fluffy. Yes, it was Medusa that turned the cat to stone wood. All your concerns about how that would be possible etc should now be washed away.


Episode 13, Part 6

EP 13 Part 6a.pngEP 13 Part 6b.png

This concludes Episode 13 (’Bunghoney’), thanks for joining us!

Dana Fluffy went off on her own and helped solve a case (sort of), Cat Mulder watched a ‘documentary’ about aliens with the Lone Gunmen (gunferrets?), and Walter Scratcher slept the entire time, so they all did just what they love doing.Tune in on Monday for a new Cat File(!)

EP13 Part 1

New EP screen (60% then 80%).pngEP 13 Part 1a.pngEP 13 Part 1b.png

Welcome to a new Cat-File (’Bunghoney’)! Sorry for the delay, but we’re back up and running now. We’ll be returning to our usual Monday slot next week (June 19th), to continue this story.
-What movie is it that Mulder has, that the government don’t want you to see?
-What did Fluffy see in the window?
-Does Langley the Ferret ever wash his t-shirt?

(Maybe) Find out these answers, next week!