Episode 13, Part 4

EP 13 Part 4a.pngEP 13 Part 4b.png

Here it is, on time!
-Is the monster stepping up to Dana Fluffy?
-How will she react?
-Where is Cat Mulder during all of this?

find out (some of these), next week!


Episode 13, Part 3

EP 13 Part 3a.pngEP 13 Part 3b.png

Welcome to Part 3!
-Why is Melissa scared?
-Does the mini-human control the monster?
-Will Sheriff Snuggles be able to get to the bottom of this?
Find out the answers, next Monday (July 3rd)!

Episode 13, Part 2

EP 13 Part 2aEP 13 Part 2b

A day later than originally planned, but here it is!
-What is that monster that Agent Fluffy has seen?
-Will Sheriff Snuggles be able to help Dana Fluffy in her investigation?
-Why do humans close the bathroom door? IS there another secret cat in the room that they’re petting, and you just don’t know about it?!

Find out the answer to some of these, next week on Monday!