Episode 14, Part 10

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This wraps up Episode 14, ‘Voices’, thanks for joining us!

Katcek finally got his revenge, and just as he predicted it was when the agents were least expecting it. Mulder helped set Alexa free, but like a cat toy to the underneath of a sofa, Alexa returned once more.
Tune in next Tuesday for a new story, which will be Halloween related because it’ll be October by then(!)


Episode 14, Part 7

EP 14 P 7a.pngEP 14 P 7b.png

Welcome to Part 7!

– Did the seance work?
– Are the agents now content to live with the ghostly spirit of Alexa?
– Where is Agent Fluffy?
– Will Mulder have to update his slideshow about ghosts?

Find out some of these, next week!

Episode 14, Part 6

EP 14 P 6a.pngEP 14 P 6b.png

Welcome to Part 6!
– Will Mulder, Katcek and Scratcher be able to perform a séance?
– Will the cats be able to touch paws without fighting?
– Is Katcek going to get his revenge any time soon?
– is there a way I can type séance with the accent over the e without having to copy and paste it?

find out some of these answers, next week(!)

Episode 14, Part 5

EP 14 P 5aEP 14 P 5b.png

Welcome to Episode 14 Part 5! So it wasn’t a ghost at all, it was just Katcek hiding in the bed sheets.

– What plan does Mulder have?
– Is Katcek still plotting his revenge?
– Where are Fluffy and Scratcher?

Find out more, next week(!)

Episode 14, Part 2

EP 14 P 2a.pngEP 14 P 2b.png

Hello again, and welcome to Part 2 of this Cat File (’Voices’)!
– Will Katcek strike back?
– Why is Scratcher going to run around the house?
– Is Mulder right, and is it invisible aliens/astral projection/leprechauns?
Find out more, next week!


Episode 14, Part 1

New EP screen (60%) 14.pngEP 14 P 1aEP 14 P 1b.png

Hello and welcome to Episode 14 (’Voices’)

-Why is The Barking Man spying on the FBI?
-Will Mulder and Fluffy be cool with Katcek taking the investigation?
-Who is the mysterious intruder in the file?

Find out, next week(!)