Episode 14, Part 8

EP 14 P 8a.pngEP 14 P8b.png

Hello! Here is episode 14, Part 8 (Sorry it’s late, I set it to post on Tuesday but it never did)

– Is Alexa a ghost, or a tiny being trapped inside the box?
– Does Fluffy have any of her own ideas?
– Will Alexa give Scratcher any more food?
– Is Katchek still going to get revenge?

Find out some of these, next week!


Episode 14, Part 7

EP 14 P 7a.pngEP 14 P 7b.png

Welcome to Part 7!

– Did the seance work?
– Are the agents now content to live with the ghostly spirit of Alexa?
– Where is Agent Fluffy?
– Will Mulder have to update his slideshow about ghosts?

Find out some of these, next week!

Episode 14, Part 6

EP 14 P 6a.pngEP 14 P 6b.png

Welcome to Part 6!
– Will Mulder, Katcek and Scratcher be able to perform a séance?
– Will the cats be able to touch paws without fighting?
– Is Katcek going to get his revenge any time soon?
– is there a way I can type séance with the accent over the e without having to copy and paste it?

find out some of these answers, next week(!)

Episode 14, Part 5

EP 14 P 5aEP 14 P 5b.png

Welcome to Episode 14 Part 5! So it wasn’t a ghost at all, it was just Katcek hiding in the bed sheets.

– What plan does Mulder have?
– Is Katcek still plotting his revenge?
– Where are Fluffy and Scratcher?

Find out more, next week(!)

Episode 14, Part 2

EP 14 P 2a.pngEP 14 P 2b.png

Hello again, and welcome to Part 2 of this Cat File (’Voices’)!
– Will Katcek strike back?
– Why is Scratcher going to run around the house?
– Is Mulder right, and is it invisible aliens/astral projection/leprechauns?
Find out more, next week!