Episode 13, Part 2

EP 13 Part 2aEP 13 Part 2b

A day later than originally planned, but here it is!
-What is that monster that Agent Fluffy has seen?
-Will Sheriff Snuggles be able to help Dana Fluffy in her investigation?
-Why do humans close the bathroom door? IS there another secret cat in the room that they’re petting, and you just don’t know about it?!

Find out the answer to some of these, next week on Monday!

EP13 Part 1

New EP screen (60% then 80%).pngEP 13 Part 1a.pngEP 13 Part 1b.png

Welcome to a new Cat-File (’Bunghoney’)! Sorry for the delay, but we’re back up and running now. We’ll be returning to our usual Monday slot next week (June 19th), to continue this story.
-What movie is it that Mulder has, that the government don’t want you to see?
-What did Fluffy see in the window?
-Does Langley the Ferret ever wash his t-shirt?

(Maybe) Find out these answers, next week!

Episode 12, Part 12

EP 12 Part 12a.pngEP 12 Part 12c

That wraps up Episode 12 ‘The Replicants’, thanks for joining us.

Walter Scratcher’s butt saved the day, and was rewarded, with the return of his ‘cat bed’, as well as the return of the agents owners. Hope you enjoyed the episode, and Cat-Files will return next week with a new story(!)

Episode 12, Part 11

EP 12 Part 11a.pngEP 12 Part 11b.png

Episode 12, Part 11

A day later than planned, but here it is!
-Can Scratcher occupy the litter for long enough to make the human give up?
-Will someone else help distract the human?
-Is the TV remote indestructible?
Find out most of these answers, next week on Cat-Files!

In the meantime, I’m sure many of you are wondering:
‘Is Walter Scratcher open to a possible nomination as the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?’
Maybe. If you want to know his stance on various issues, please feel free to ask.

Episode 12, Part 10

EP 12 Part 10a.pngEP 12 Part 10b.png

Episode 12, Part 10

– Is the human looking to replace the Feline Bureau of Investigation agents?
– Will ‘Operation cuteness distraction’ succeed?
– Does Walter Scratcher know any more human phrases/expressions?

Find out, next week!

Episode 12, Part 9

EP 12 Part 9a.pngEP 12 Part 9b

First of all, apologies for the lack of Cat Files last week. “Why wasn’t there one last week? was it alien-related? or did the government have some involvement?”, I hear you ask. To that I say ‘no comment’.

So, here is the most recent update, following on from two weeks ago, leaving us with some important questions:
-Why does Cat Mulder think they are next?
-Is Walter Scratcher underappreciated?
-Are that human’s chin pets that great?

find out, next week(!)