Episode 14, Part 4

EP 14 P 4a.pngEP 14 P 4b.png

Welcome to Part 4!

– Did Cat Mulder just see a ghost?
– Has Dana Fluffy found the source of the mysterious voice?
– How many slides about ghosts does Mulder have?

Find out some of these, next week!


Episode 14, Part 2

EP 14 P 2a.pngEP 14 P 2b.png

Hello again, and welcome to Part 2 of this Cat File (’Voices’)!
– Will Katcek strike back?
– Why is Scratcher going to run around the house?
– Is Mulder right, and is it invisible aliens/astral projection/leprechauns?
Find out more, next week!


Episode 14, Part 1

New EP screen (60%) 14.pngEP 14 P 1aEP 14 P 1b.png

Hello and welcome to Episode 14 (’Voices’)

-Why is The Barking Man spying on the FBI?
-Will Mulder and Fluffy be cool with Katcek taking the investigation?
-Who is the mysterious intruder in the file?

Find out, next week(!)

Episode 13, Part 6

EP 13 Part 6a.pngEP 13 Part 6b.png

This concludes Episode 13 (’Bunghoney’), thanks for joining us!

Dana Fluffy went off on her own and helped solve a case (sort of), Cat Mulder watched a ‘documentary’ about aliens with the Lone Gunmen (gunferrets?), and Walter Scratcher slept the entire time, so they all did just what they love doing.Tune in on Monday for a new Cat File(!)

Episode 13, Part 5

EP 13 Part 5a.pngEP 13 Part 5b.png

-Has Dana Fluffy defeated the monster, or is it lulling her into a false sense of security?
-Can Melissa now live without fear in her own home?
-Is Dana Fluffy violating the monster’s first amendment rights?
-What will Cat Mulder’s take be on this ‘case’?

Find out, next Monday!