Episode 12, Part 6

EP 12 Part 6a.pngEP 12 Part 6b.png@bsprettykitty for the submission of the wonderful Kitty (AKA Poop-head):


“ This Kitty aka Poop-head. She is 10 years old and grumpy. She enjoys long naps, eating then puking, and she has a massive stash of catnip toys hidden somewhere… “

There will be a short break in the story to accommodate an April Fool’s special (Saturday, April 1st. You probably knew when April Fool’s Day was though didn’t you?), but we’ll pick up from here on April 10th and possibly answer these important questions:
-What did Kitty hear the humans say?
-Were Mulder and Fluffy’s humans really not crying while they drove away?
-What is Walter Scratcher doing?
Find out, April 10th!


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