Episode 9, Part 7

EP 9 Part 7a.pngEP 9 Part 7b.png

Thank you to @pagetbrewstar for submitting the wonderful Prentiss to be featured in Cat Files!


“This is Prentiss! She’s 4 years old and named after the character Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds. She’s very skittish, and even after being part of the family for four years, she’s only recently gotten used to us. She loves to hide in cabinets, behind curtains, in closets, and under beds. She couldn’t meow until she was 2, because she was sadly separated from her cat mom too early and never learned. She’s very happy, despite her ever present angry look. She likes to play with hair ties, socks, and her food. She’s very elusive, but does like to cuddle at night.”


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