Episode 9, Part 5

EP 9 Part 5a.pngEP 9 Part 5b.png

Also, Happy International Cat Day! Yup, it’s a thing, and it’s today.  Coincidentally, a new cat joined my household this weekend, Alfie:


Alfie enjoys long slow walks across the laptop, holding hands (so he can bite it, bite it again, nuzzle it, rub his face against it, then bite once more), and also likes constantly chirping and cooing as he wanders the apartment.

big thanks to Paws, in Philadelphia- they were great there and they really know each cats personality in order to help find the one who will suit your needs, and also thanks to Kawaii Kitty Cafe (who are linked with Paws), where we found this fella- they have a large room with several cats roaming around (with places to hide for shyer cats), and people pay $10 for up to an hour with the cats, to get to know them to see if they want to adopt, or just to relax and play/cuddle cats.


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