Episode 9, Part 2

EP 9 Part 2a.pngEP 9 2b.png

Thank you to @gaypriori (on tumblr) for submitting the lovely Toulouse to be featured in Cat Files


“This is Toulouse! He’s about 4 ½ years old and he is quite the unique kitty. He enjoys playing fetch, batting around toy mice, and putting his toy mice and other objects he fancies into his water bowl so he can fish them back out with his paw and make a wet mess (some of these objects also include a rubber ring that came off of something and a piece of bra padding). He also likes to store things in or near his food bowl as well. He is not very fond of men and has been known to attack them when provoked (but mostly he’ll just growl and hiss). He likes to maintain quite a bit of physical distance between himself and the people of the house (he’s not a cuddler by any means) but he follows whoever is awake around the house and sits nearby to enjoy their company. And if you walk by while he’s sitting on the floor, he loves to grab your ankle with his paw. “


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