Case Submission: Jeff


A big thanks to the one person who responded to the ‘submit your cat for catfiles’ request, I know it was to appear in a catfile, but I liked the little story so much I wanted to draw it, thanks @ellighthousekeeper for the submission:


’ This is Jeff. He is 3 years old, and his hobbies include knocking over anything unstable within his immediate vicinity, making a weird, soft machine gun noise when he sees squirrels outside, singing the song of his people between 3 and 5 am every so often, and sitting in my gym bag if I leave it open.

His favorite toy is the lazer pointer, but he also likes chasing after any toys thrown for him, then meowing until I walk over to him, pick it up, and throw it somewhere else. His favorite food is fish, but he strangely doesn’t care for chicken at all. He likes catnip, but especially these catnip plants we buy. He has often been seen scaling dangerous places to try and get the plant if we ever put it out of his reach.
My brother likes to pick Jeff up, put him down by other people’s food or precarious objects and say ‘hail hydra!’, and then watch on as Jeff then eats or knocks over whatever he is near. Jeff is allowed outside, but never actually strays from our backyard. He also doesn’t chase the birds or squirrels, or even other cats, he is pretty chilled out most of the time, unless another cat tries to sniff his butt, then it’s on. Does Jeff believe in the paranormal? I think so, he seems to see things where I cannot, his eyes wide and scared looking over my shoulder at times.
‘ – ellighthousekeeper


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