Episode 16, Part 2

EP 16 Part 2a.pngEP 16 Part 2b.png

Welcome to Part 2!

– What is Feliz Navidad?
– Is there a box so small not even Walter Scratcher could fit in?
– Where will our agents go for their next clue?

find out, next week(!)


Episode 15 parts 3 + 4

EP 15 Part 3a.pngEP 15 Part 3b.pngEP 15 Part 4a.pngEP 15 Part 4b.pngEP 15 Part 4c.png

Here is the conclusion of Episode 15 ‘Unmoving’!

Another case solved by Agents Cat Mulder and Dana Fluffy. Yes, it was Medusa that turned the cat to stone wood. All your concerns about how that would be possible etc should now be washed away.

Episode 15, Parts 1 + 2

New EP screen (60%).pngEP 15 Part 1b.pngEP 15 Part 1c.pngEP 15 Part 2a.pngEP 15 Part 2b

Apologies for the delay, I’ve not been able to access WordPress till recently. Please enjoy parts 1 and 2 of Episode 15(!)

– What happened to the black cat?
– What theories does Cat Mulder already have?
– Will Walter Scratcher learn to get along with squirrels?
– Will the squirrel hold a grudge for Scratcher’s rudeness?

Find out, next time!

Episode 14, Part 10

EP14 P10aEP 14 Part 10bEP 14 P10c

This wraps up Episode 14, ‘Voices’, thanks for joining us!

Katcek finally got his revenge, and just as he predicted it was when the agents were least expecting it. Mulder helped set Alexa free, but like a cat toy to the underneath of a sofa, Alexa returned once more.
Tune in next Tuesday for a new story, which will be Halloween related because it’ll be October by then(!)

Episode 14, Part 9

EP 14 P 9a.pngEP 14 P9b.png

Welcome to Episode 14, Part 9!

– Did Mulder release the spirit of Alexa?
– Will Scratcher get more food?
– How will Mulder react to being called a bad kitty?

find out in the conclusion of Episode 14, next week(!)